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Will Marshall is a passionate composer from Fife, Scotland, celebrated for his emotive scores and masterful storytelling through music.
Will has honed his craft to blend classical, contemporary, and electronic elements seamlessly, creating captivating soundscapes for film, television, theatre, and other media. Dive into a world where music vividly colours every story.

Clients include:

BBC Worldwide, ITV 2, Sky Arts, BBC Radio Scotland, Nine Network,

HeeHaw Productions, Visit Scotland, Imagine Theatre,

Baron Orchestra, Reel Time Events, Hebridean Island Cruises, Feis Rois

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Will Marshall is a versatile composer, equally skilled at creating music for full orchestras and hybrid arrangements that combine sample-based orchestras with live musicians. He also has a deep appreciation for Scottish traditional music, seamlessly blending traditional elements into his compositions. His expertise in sound design and sampling allows him to craft unique and captivating musical experiences.

Anchor 1

Animation/Childrens programmes.  

A selection of recent projects

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TV and Radio programmes

A selection of recent projects


A selection of recent projects

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A selection of recent projects

Musical Director and Arranger

A selection of recent projects

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A selection of recent projects

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